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I am writing an application for Android version 3.2, then the ASUS Eee Pad TF01 which requested an upgrade, this changed the version of Android to 4.0.3. Since then I have issues with the app, I tracked this down to the SQLite DB it stops with an error on a table not existing.

I have then comparing to the NOTEPAD example app, which worked. In my App to create the DB I read a creation script from a file into a String then use execSQL, this worked fine before, but for this is not working now. I checked some other things

  • The file is still being read ok,
  • After reducing the contents of the file to two tables, still doesn't work
  • Checked the file on SQLite databse browser (2.0b1) tools under Windows, no problem

I think it may be the characters (Collation type) or maybe the character coding in the SQL file, or invalid characters.

Any idea how I can solve this issue ?

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This was caused by execsql not processing multiple SQL commands,

see – Executing multiple statements with SQLiteDatabase.execSQL for a full explanation.

How this worked before, it is a mystery ...

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