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I am using wordpress and have a search box in header. It search on basis of posts. Now I want to modify this search box with cities drop down search box. I also added new cities table in database. I need to run search box on basis of cities.

Kindly give your guidence.

Thanks, Deepak

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Could you please give us more details so that we can help you. Did you try also some code already? Can we see it? How is the structure of your database in relation to the cities table? – Mike Mar 1 '12 at 20:54
yes , Please see this you can see second search box which required to search ad on basis of states. I looking for search query which is responsible for search result. I also can see some parameters in query string. – user1138582 Mar 1 '12 at 20:57
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If you have made a special table for locations you are probably going to need your own search query and start from that one to develop your needs.

A good start would be to create a new template file to which you are going to submit your search form, and a search function in functions.php which is a mandatory file in your theme.

A good example on how to do that I found here

However, you might ask why do you need to write a spcial search function for that? You said you have added a new table in the database that is not part of the default taxnomy system of wordpress so that one is not going to take into consideration your extra parameters of the search.

Moreover I do not recomend you to modify the core search function because at some particular time you would probably like to make an upgrade or so, and that is going to mess up with your search. The functions.php way is the safer way and yields results faster.

I hope this helps.

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Yes exactly I am looking for this. Thanks for your support. – user1138582 Mar 1 '12 at 21:13

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