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I need to compare 2 dates and return the number of days in between with 2 decimal places.

For example:

when comparing

SubmittedDate = 2012-02-29 07:02:55.000

FirstCall = 2012-02-29 12:12:19.000

That is a 5 hour difference. So I would return 0.2 days

I have tried:

CAST(DATEDIFF(Hour, SubmittedDate, FirstCall)/30.0 AS DECIMAL(5,2)) As HoursBeforeFirstCall
CAST(DATEDIFF(Day, SubmittedDate, FirstCall) AS DECIMAL(5,2)) As HoursBeforeFirstCall

None seem to work.

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Take the DateDiff in seconds instead, and then divide by 86400.0. The decimal point is required.

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This works great. Is there a way I can get it down to 2 decimal places –  DJ Burb Jan 22 '13 at 16:27

How about this.

select convert(decimal(12,2),convert(decimal(12,2),datediff(second,'2012-02-29 07:02:55.000','2012-02-29 12:12:19.000'))/60/60/24)
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When you represent a date as a number, each day is represented by 1.0 "units" already. To get the timespan of two dates as a decimal, you can just subtract them.

SELECT CAST((@FirstCall - @SubmittedDate) AS NUMERIC(10, 2))
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Here's what I've done:

ROUND(SUM(DATEDIFF(ss,StartDateTime,EndDateTime) / 60.0 / 60.0), 2)

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