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I have a working code that changes my document background image when links in my navbar are clicked. The background image changes instantly with no animation. How could I make the new background image fadeIn(); ?


$('.navigation a').click(function() {
    currentBg = $(this).attr('href').replace('#', '') +'.jpg';
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I would like to know this to. – GeekMasher Mar 1 '12 at 21:11
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I don't believe you can, the only way (that I know of) would be to have a block element (div for example) which has the background and that appears behind the rest of your content (positioned absolutely) and fade that in instead of switching backgrounds.

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Well, technically, there's another option: get that image, draw on canvas with some alpha, read back as data/url and set background... but this is even more complicated. – kirilloid Mar 1 '12 at 21:14

You cannot animate the background image changing its opacity.

May be you can have a image with required opacity at different sections and then animate the background position so that it gives a fadeIn behavior.

Take a look at this link it will help you.

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There is no possiblity to fade the background image, you have to create a container and set its background image to let it fade in and fade out.

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I've done something like this before by floating a foreground image on a separate div on top of the background image you'd like to 'fade' in and then creating a jquery fade-out effect on the foreground image.

You can use a similar trick to set solid text on a semi-transparent "background".

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I agree with int0x90.

What you can do is this:

  1. Stack your images in a div, style position absolute, style of each image position absolute
  2. set an id for the div
  3. add a class active, with a z-index of 10
  4. set all inactive images in div z-index to 0
  5. you can use the z-index to pull the image with the highest z-index to the top of the stack
  6. add class active to the on-click of nav bar link and remove this class from the previous on click so that the image's z-index is set back to 0 and not overridden.
  7. in jquery, you may now be able to use opacity change and the speed of the change

hope this helps get you started!

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As many others already said, it's impossible unless you use a block element as background. But if you only want an animation, you could have a .gif as background then when it's animation has finished replace it with the real Image so the .gif doesn't iterate itself

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