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I'm trying to install a Yii application with the latest framework to date on wampserver2.2. I edited the .bat file to match the directory of my php /bin folder and added this as a value to the path variable. However I seem to be unable to run yiic from the commandline. Im trying this on a windows 7 professional OS but to no avail. If i fire up yiic.php it opens the file in a notepad window. If I try to run the .bat file, the cmdline returns that it can not open the input file c:\wamp\framework\yiic

What should I do to make yiic run from the commandline? I think I completed all the necessairy steps but could be easily overlooking something.

If someone could come up with an answer that would be great.

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As a workaround: If you can access your PHP interpreter on the command line you can execute yiic, like $> php -f c:\wamp\framework\yiic.php webapp \path\to\somewhere –  schmunk Mar 1 '12 at 22:48
This is it. The application created my testapplication. Thanks for the workaround –  user1243742 Mar 2 '12 at 12:25

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Two things:

  1. Make sure you are running yiic.bat, and not just yiic (which is the Linux shell script). There are two files in the directory, and your error (can not open the input file c:\wamp\framework\yiic) looks like you are using just yiic, the Bash script.
  2. As @schmunk mentioned in the comment on the question, you can just call yiic.php directly with the PHP CLI. That is what the yiic.bat script is doing for you. :)

    C:\wamp\framework> php yiic.php webapp C:\wamp\htdocs\myproject

I answered a similar question here that covers the same stuff:


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