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I've been trying to setup the following port forward configuration using 1 (or 2) lines, but with no success:

3 Machines involved; local machine[local], prod machine[prod], 3rd party machine[service]. Prod has (http) access to an API hosted on service and I (local) have ssh access to prod. So for development purposes I am trying to setup a tunnel to service via prod so I can issue a cURL command to some local port and have the request hit the service endpoint.

I'm pretty sure I've done this exact thing a few years ago with a single ssh command, but so far I've been unable to replicate it. Any advice appreciated.

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Better post this on server fault ;) –  StardustOne Mar 1 '12 at 22:08

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ssh -Nnt -L<localport number>:service:<service port number> <username>@prod &

should do it and stay open in the background, if I understand what you're trying to do. This will send requests on <localport number> to <service port number> on service through prod.

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