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Just wanting some advice on any controls available supported in the MVC environment for the ability to schedule over a day period. Something like this:enter image description here

Basically im making an internal booking system. So the day scheduler need to show times when the object is available and the user can than click on the day to choose a time to book the object.

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It's not an ASP.NET MVC control per se, but I'd highly recommend you check out FullCalendar and this demo in particular

It allows you to switch to "agenda" mode which will give you the same functionality, but in a different representation to what you want.

It's a jQuery plugin, so it just sits on the client side and then you just use ajax to call back to your MVC application to give you the events to put into the calendar in json format.

I've now built 2 scheduling apps with FullCalendar and ASP.NET MVC and have nothing but great things to say about the two.

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Hi Lomaxx, thanks for your response. Im hoping for more of a simple horizontal format like the image I posted. The verticle format is a bit of overkill for this situation. – Matt Mar 1 '12 at 22:20

take a look at:

this is a simplified 'schedule' view component written in jquery. i actually had a look at this today as I was researching simple scheduling candidates for mvc and jquery.

I also found one called gantt view that is a mix between fullcalendar and jQuery.Gantt

will post more as i find them.

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Ended up making my own with a combination of divs/buttons/css hover events/jquery

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See also DayPilot for ASP.NET MVC:

Demo of the open-source version (Apache Software License 2.0):

Demo of the commercial version:

(Disclosure: this is my product)

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