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For other reasons I have to do a forEach loop on a jsp page rather than iterating over a collection. I need to display the value of a collection, but I am returning a syntax error because of the inner braces..do I have to escape it first? How do I get it to resolve the value of i then to get the value from the colllection?

  <c:if test="${maxColumns >= 0}">  
     <c:forEach var="i" begin="0" end="${maxColumns}" step="1" varStatus ="status">
     <td height="20"> ${columnNames[${i}].columnName</td>

Thanks for the help.

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${columnNames[i].columnName} doesn't work? That said, IMO this is work better done outside of the view layer, and returning a subset of a collection is trivial. Why not do that instead? –  Dave Newton Mar 1 '12 at 22:02
yes it does work!! I never even thought about taking out the inner braces because I thought it was neccessary to resolve that value first. I tried everything except that!! Thanks so much. Also to answer your question I do have to show the entire collection but I have to display them in a particular manner based on values from another collection. –  user984701 Mar 1 '12 at 22:07
Moved to answer for clarity. –  Dave Newton Mar 2 '12 at 15:23

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You cannot nest JSP EL expressions like that, but you don't have to--the correct expression is:


i is already part of the EL scope because of the forEach tag, and should be evaluated as any other scoped variable, like columnNames. Here it's just a collection index.

While I'm sympathetic to the perceived need to do this kind of logic in the view layer, IMO it's almost always a better idea to prep collection ranges in Java--it's also easier to test.

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