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Say I have a javascript dictionary variable with the following key value pairs:

var attributes = { name : "name1", age: 10}

I want to use the values in the above attribute to create the children of an HTML ul element within the same javascript function as follows:

var htmlContent = '<ul><li>@Html.ActionLink(attributes["name"], "Details", "Home", new { name = attributes["name"]})</li></ul>'

Is there a way to do this? TIA.

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I'm not sure you can use the JavaScript attributes variable in the @Html.ActionLink?

I'd recommend changing it to

var htmlContent = '<ul><li><a href="@Url.Action("Details", "Home")" name="' +
    attributes.name + '">Link</a></li></ul>';
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Nice. Thanks again. –  Klaus Nji Mar 2 '12 at 0:57

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