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I have a form in the second tab of a jquery-tools tabs. The form's data is submitted via jquery to the server side (php), in php I validate the data and return the result of the validation in json encoded format...

The part where the data is sent from the jquery-tools tab to php works fine (from debugging I can see that the form's data reaches the php server side), but when the json encoded data is returned it never reaches the client side...

The tabs are all loaded via server side (php).

The second tab (php) with the form contains the following script which posts the data:

    $(document).ready(function() {

            var full_name = $("#full_name").val();


            $.post("/author/edit/", { "full_name" : full_name },

                    alert("got response");

                }, "json");

The "working" alert pops up when the update button is clicked, and after the data is posted to the php side (and I see that it does with debugging) and a json encoded data is echoed back, the "got response" does not pop up and from that I know that I didn't get any data back...

Without jquery-tools tabs everything works fine, but with the tabs it doesn't... What's happening here? and what should I do?

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the data can be returned, and viewable in browser console even if success didn't fire. Likely a json validation problem. Check console for status, data returned etc. Run json through jsonlint.com to validate it. Also can add an error handler to the ajax call for more details –  charlietfl Mar 2 '12 at 1:48
OMG, thanks :) Firefox's console helped me figure out the issue, thanks alot, if you didn't mention this I was going to burn myself with jquery-ui's tabs... I figured that I would send only one of the variables required by my php class/method and ignore the rest just for the sake of seeing that json is working... this turned out to be a horrible decision, even though it doesn't warn or error the mssing $_POST data but the echo doesn't work because of these... thanks alot... –  user670085 Mar 2 '12 at 13:59

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