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I have a question regarding subspace iteration method for the generalized eigenvalue problem. I am using MATLAB to solve for a few of the lowest eigenvalues using the subspace iteration method. After solving the reduced system, do we normalize eigenvectors with respect to mass matrix?

For example:

[eve,eva] = eig(full(kred),full(mred));
x = xbar*eve % update eigen vector

Before the x update, should we perform

nn = eve'*mred*eve 
for i = 1:min(2*m,m+8)
    evec(:,i) = evec(:,i)/sqrt(i,i);

and then update x? When I use the subspace method without nn and the for-loop, the lowest eigenvalues are not the same when compared to the lowest of the complete eigenvalues (from matlab eig). When I use the nn and the for-loop, I see the eigenvalues are the same. The algorithm does not include these additional steps, but without these, the results from matlab did not match my iterative method. Is there any particular reason behind this?

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks macduff for editing and providing tags to my question. –  Superted Mar 2 '12 at 13:35

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