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Is it possible to install a Sitecore package (containing content tree changes only) from a command line via batch/power shell instead of going into Sitecore UI? I am looking for the best way to automate our build deployments.


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You can do this with Power Shell. Great source of information on how to use Power Shell with Sitecore can be found on Adam Najmanowicz blog ( http://blog.najmanowicz.com/category/software-development/powershell/ ).

And some information about exporting and importing packages is in his post http://blog.najmanowicz.com/2011/12/19/continuous-deployment-in-sitecore-with-powershell/

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There is also an experimental powershell install script avaliable at the Sitecore GitHub that also might be useful if you are doing full build deployments from scratch .. https://github.com/Sitecore/PowerShell-Script-Library

(Please feel free to fork and feedback any improvements !)

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