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Updated Question After some further debugging I've updated this question to be more accurate on the actual problem.

I have a trait I've defined to do a basic security check but every time I want to run a DB query it throws a Cannot operate on a closed connection!!! error.

Code below:

trait SecureAPI {
  self:Controller =>

  def checkKey(key:String)
    models.Account.getByKey(key) match {
      case account:Account  =>  {
        renderArgs += "account" -> accountId
      case _  =>  Forbidden("Key is not authorized.")

The getByKey throws the DB error. In my controllers, I'm adding Squeryl as a trait, but how would I apply that in another trait so I can continue to run queries? Or am I just not approaching this properly? Thanks.

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I got deeper into different readings and credit for this one goes to this post here: http://www.alvarocarrasco.com/2010/12/i-have-settled-on-new-platform-for.html

I had to use Squeryl to bind the session to the current thread. So to make the above code work, I had to add in SessionFactory

def checkKey(key:String)
  SessionFactory.newSession.bindToCurrentThread // added this here

Everything now queries, just need to work out a few bugs. I'll update the answer if I discover any more caveats.

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