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let's image i have an event handler function attached to an image, for example, an onmouseover handler. I don't want this handler run if an onmouseover event is fired by a particular element.

To be more specific, i have an image which being hovered, a menu is popped out. I want to close that menu if the mouse moves out of that image, unless i move the mouse to the menu, which is adjacent to the image.

So something like this in pseudo code

img.mouseout = function () {
if (otherelement.onmouseover.fired) {
 leave the menu as it is
close the menu

So how can i check whether another event was fired?

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You'd have to keep track of it yourself, and that will be complicated by the tenuous control you have over the order in which the event handlers are called. –  Pointy Mar 2 '12 at 0:31

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I would add a timeout and a mouseover handler that clears it in the other handler. While the elements could be exactly next to each other visually, adding a small timer is more safe since there might just be a tiny 1px area where the mouseout event fires, causing an ugly flickering.

This also allows a quick mouseshake without flicker.

Something like:

var timer;

img.onmouseout = other.onmouseout = function() {
  timer = setTimeout(closemenu, 100);

img.onmouseover = other.onmouseover = function() {

function closemenu() {
  // close it
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