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This problem is really puzzling to me: I have the following script working on vmware server 2.0:

# server (transmitter)
use strict;
use IO::Socket::Multicast6;
use IO::Interface;
use constant GROUP => "";
use constant PORT  => "3000";
my $sock = IO::Socket::Multicast6->new(
while (1) {
   my $message = localtime();
   $sock->send($message) || die "Could not  send: $!";
} continue {
   sleep 4;

It works great on vmware server. I have cloned this VM to an EXSi server but running the same exact copy of the virtual machine running the script, and I get the following error:

Can't call method "mcast_if" on an undefined value

Im really puzzled by this as I am not sure what the problem could be. there is really nothing different except for the CPU running on both machines, but I don't see how something so low level can be causing an issue but I could be wrong. perl -d wasn't very helpful. Thanks.

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It's failing to create the socket, use some error checking to try to find out why. Eg:

my $sock = IO::Socket::Multicast6->new(
   or die "Socket failed: $!";
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yep it totally helped and I am a little embarrassed. This VM guys have a script that resets the routes to not include a default GW in production since is a contained environment. Since this VM doesn't have a route for the mcast traffic it fails to create the socket. Thanks for the quick response. –  salparadise Mar 2 '12 at 1:07

The new() constructor is failing, but not raising an exception. I don’t know its API: is there some way to get it to tell you why?

Otherwise you might try errno (that is, $!).

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