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In heroku logs :

/usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:678:in `connect': SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError)
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:678:in `block in connect'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/timeout.rb:44:in `timeout'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/timeout.rb:89:in `timeout'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:678:in `connect'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:637:in `do_start'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/net/http.rb:626:in `start'
    from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/client.rb:409:in `read_logs'
    from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/command/logs.rb:31:in `index'
    from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/command.rb:135:in `run'
    from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/cli.rb:9:in `start'
    from /usr/bin/heroku:30:in `<main>'

I haven't the foggiest idea what to do here. Using Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.2.1 on Ubuntu 11.10. Have tried updating my certificate to latest from here but it did not seem to make a difference.

Also tried adding the following code from here and pushing back to heroku but that did not work either.

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This helped me - stackoverflow.com/a/16983443/11792 – Pavel Nikolov Jun 7 '13 at 12:12
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This problem has been posted as an issue on Heroku's github account. They are working on it and have a quick fix:


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Thanks for this really appreciated the link – Jonathan Mar 2 '12 at 10:00
Yeah, glad to see I wasn't the only one annoyed with this last night. – drclausen Mar 2 '12 at 19:56

I hit the same.

I did the following to resolve:

~ $ heroku version
~ $ gem uninstall heroku --version 2.21.1
Successfully uninstalled heroku-2.21.1
~ $ heroku version
~ $ heroku logs --app myapp
2012-03-02T04:12:22+00:00 heroku[nginx]: - - [02/Mar/2012:04:12:22 +0000] "GET /assets/layout/nav_bar-0fecc02...
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rather than downgrading, they appear to be working on the issue but see my answer below as well. – Jonathan Mar 2 '12 at 10:00
[sudo] gem install certified

add to gemfile : gem 'certified'

bundle install

added /certs to /lib from https://github.com/stevegraham/certified to be sure

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