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I am developing a win32 application using Qt. Right now my application has to call a program on another PC via the serial port, request the other PC reads some optical density data, and return the data to the PC hosting my application.

I am using QProcess and it successfully launches the other external program. My question is how can I make my program send input to the other program to perform the operations available on the menus (for example "read optical density" and "export data") and then retrieve the results?

The external program is called ChroMateMgr.exe. It reads an elisa plate for optical density values. It has a menu "read plate" which you can click so that program can operate the machine to read optical density of the plate and then show them in a 8 by 12 table. You can then click a button "export OD" to export it to a txt or excel files. What I want to know how my program can do something so that the menu "read plate" in other program will be clicked to collect the OD data. Of course I want my program to do similar thing with the buton "export OD"

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Without knowing anything about the other program your program is launching it will be very difficult to help you. The other program would need to have some way to receive input from your program and provide output in return. –  Arnold Spence Mar 2 '12 at 3:19
Unfortunately, I'm not aware of Qt having the ability to control an external Windows GUI application. You should check the documentation for ChroMateMgr to see if that it supports any command line arguments or an API of some kind. Someone might be able to suggest software that can automate ChromateMgr for you that may provide an API that a Qt program can use. If you can accomplish that, it should be possible to then have Qt read in the resulting data file. –  Arnold Spence Mar 2 '12 at 3:52
I suggest you contact the manufacturer, and ask for an API or documentation of command-line arguments that might work for your purposes. –  tmpearce Mar 2 '12 at 3:52
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