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I need to send the following JSON structure to my JAX-RS service. It's nested a level, if that's the correct term.

    "catalog" : [
    "customer" : {"name":"joe smith","gender":"male","age":"29"}

Is what I'm asking possible without writing an adapter? I guess the trouble comes down to: catalog and customer keys. Does this mean that I need two Javabeans? And the other troublesome part for me is value of the "catalog" key. It's an array of JSON objects.

How do I "beanify" that?

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the json format is incorrect, should be { "catalog" : [{"price":"100","sku":"123456"},{"price":"120","sku":"1234567"}], "customer" : {"name":"joe smith","gender":"male","age":"29"} }; –  Mike Lin Mar 2 '12 at 4:18

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You will need two beans Item and Customer, The item can be aggregated into a list which will create the JSON Array and and customer property is as is. I work mostly with Jackson mapper directly not Jax-rs but it would be something like this.

public class Whatever {

    List<Item> catalog;

    Customer customer;

    //Getters and Setters

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