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Basically what I need to do is dump a SQL database in plain text using PHP. Just like phpMyAdmin does when you choose not to get a file while exporting.

This way I can send it via mail and reinsert it later using a SQL querie.

Is this even possible?


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Hope it helps


$dbhost   = "HOSTNAME";
$dbuser   = "USERNAME";
$dbpwd    = "PASSWORD";
$dbname   = "DATABASENAME";

$dumpfile = $dbname . "_" . date("Y-m-d_H-i-s") . ".sql";
passthru("/usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --host=$dbhost --user=$dbuser
--password=$dbpwd $dbname > $dumpfile");

// report - disable with // if not needed
// must look like "-- Dump completed on ..." 

echo "$dumpfile "; passthru("tail -1 $dumpfile");


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This is both possible and very easy .. "dumping" SQL data in such a way is really not any different than just querying it and writing the queries. If you're running on a linux server, I would suggest you just use mysqldump instead since it's designed specifically for that. You can forgo php altogether, but if you want, you can even run the mysqldump command from php using something like exec and still email the results with php.

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try like this

define("SITE_DB_USERNAME", "$db_user");
define("SITE_DB_PASSWORD", "$db_pass");
define("SITE_DB_NAME", "$db");

system(" mysql -u".SITE_DB_USERNAME." -p".SITE_DB_PASSWORD." -hlocalhost ".SITE_DB_NAME." > file.txt );


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