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How can I share tableview between classes?

I actually created a tableview in a view controller (with xib file) and used following steps to make it disappear ...

[tableview retain];
[tableview removedfromsuperview]; 

According to my project, I created a new view controller (without xib file) and now I want to recall the same tableview which was created in previous view controller. I used something like this

Firstviewcontroller *firstviewcontroller=[[Firstviewcontroller alloc]init];
[self.view addsubview :firstviewcontroller->tableview ];

But it didn't display table view firstviewcontroller.

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I don't think you can share the UI elements, but i'm sure you can replicate the table view.

1. Create the table view in the new controller.

2. Pass the array elements from the previous class (by using a singleton class or whatever suits your need.)

3. Populate the table view with the array passed from previous class. So that it looks similar.

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I think your problem is you are creating new firstviewcontroller object. you should use the object which has the tableview.

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