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How can I lazy-load html templates in yui3? Looking at the examples, the preferred way for loading templates seems to be to embed them in a script element in the html, like in this example:


I tried putting my template in its own html file and then lazy-loading it with the Get class, but that really loads the content as a script, which obviously doesn't work.

So, is IO Utility the way to go? It seems like a complicated way to do something simple like loading a chunk of html. If that is the best way to do it, can anyone provide a simple example?

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Try node.load(urlToFetchTemplate); where the server returns the <script> tag with id and template markup inside.

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I could probably make that work by loading the template into a hidden div. However, I was hoping to find a way to load it directly into a variable. I've got something more-or-less working with Y.io, but I was hoping this was a common issue and there would be a widely accepted standard way of doing it. –  JesterVineo Mar 2 '12 at 21:23

I was trying to explore YUI.io for this. But for now, I came up with a work around (ugly solution) is to wrap the whole template content with javascript method. The file gets executed in browser when it gets downloaded as javacript by YUI3 loader.

Template File :  mypopup.js 

writeTemplate(' <-- my whole template content goes here with js escaped-->');

== and here is the function to write the template to hidden placeholder on the page ===

window.writeTemplate = function(txt) {
    document.getElementById('templateHolder').innerHTML = txt;

Please update this thread if you find a cleaner way of doing this.

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