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Hi i have posted this question yesterday itself, but i get 2 down votes within a 5 min of my posting saying that json parsing method can be found by searching through google. After half hr without refreshing the page i have deleted the same question, then only i found that i have goy 5 upvotes for that question. So i am posting it here one more time.

Here i have two problems

1. json parsing
2. lsiting out the parsed values in List View

Following is the json return value from an api

{"Status" :{ "Itemlist":[ { "name" : "Electronics", "price" : "400", "Details":[ { "name" : "Laptops" } , { "name" : "Mobiles" } , { "name" : "Bikes" } ], 
"Laptops":[ { "item": "Dell" } ] , 
"Mobiles":[ { "item": "Nexus S" } ] , 
"Bikes":[ { "item": "Honda" } , { "item": "Hero Honda" } , { "item": "TVS" } , { "item": "Bajaj" } , { "item": "Suzuki" } ] } , 

{ "name" : "Electronics II)", "price" : "475", "Details":[ { "name" : "Laptops" } , { "name" : "Mobiles" } , { "name" : "Bikes" }  ],
"Laptops":[ { "item": "Mac Pro" } ] , 
"Mobiles":[ { "item": "Noki Lumia" } , { "item": "SAmsung SII" } ] , 
"Bikes":[ { "item": "Unicorn" } , { "item": "Yamaha" } , { "item": "Hartley Davidson" } , { "item": "Karizma" } , { "item": "Apache" } , { "item": "CBZ" }] } ]}}

In the above values the Name, Price and Details tag are been static. The other tag such as Laptop, Bikes, Mobiles are dynamic and they may get increase or decrease. I am getting those values from the Details

I want to takes the data using the keys in the Details. I want to list out them in a listview using the key as their list view headers. How to parse this values, everytime i am getting a error in the data that get parsed.

So far for list views i used to take the data and store them in a array list and i will list out them from there, but here i dont know the number of data and so i am unable to create the ArrayList. Is it possible to create a ArrayList at runtime,

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Qsuestion is "json parsing error in android app" - Where is the error,What is the error you getting? –  MKJParekh Mar 2 '12 at 5:45
i am not able to parse it properly.... If the title is wrong sorry let me change it –  Siva K Mar 2 '12 at 6:02
should i have to parse the data and add it all to a single array list –  Siva K Mar 2 '12 at 6:05
I have put my suggestion as answer below,not written using any IDE so might be error in syntax or formating.. –  MKJParekh Mar 2 '12 at 6:25
@Soni sorry they are all of dynamic values. the laptops, mobile and bikes are not fixed name and they get changed and may increase or decrease in any order. –  Siva K Mar 2 '12 at 6:50
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Depend on how you want to show the list you need to make array list for your convinience..like if you want to make header Electronics1,2 then you need to make a class

public class Electronic_Node
  public String title,price,detail1,detail2,detail3;
  public ArrayList<String> laptops,mobiles,bikes;

Then, at parsing time,

Make Array List of Electronic_Node

ArrayList<Electronic_Node> ItemList = new ArrayList<Electronic_Node>();
jsonArray = responseObj.getJSONArray("ItemList");
  jsonObject = jsonArray.optJSONObject(i);
  Electronic_Node node = new Electronic_Node();
  node.title = jsonObject.getString("name");

  laptopArray = jsonObject.optJSONArray("Laptops");
  // mobileArray
  // bikeArray
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