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I have the following init statement for my NSObject class, KCCard.

- (id)initWithValue:(NSInteger)aValue suit:(Suit)aSuit {
    if (self = [super init]) {
        self.suit = aSuit;
        self.value = aValue;

    return self;

Suit is either Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, or Hearts. Value is 1 through 13.

My problem is that the values 11 through 13 are Jack, Queen, and King. But for a Blackjack game, their values are all worth 10. But if I set the cards value to 10, it thinks that the card is a 10 and when I get the image for the card, a 10 image is shown.

How can I make it so it knows that 11 through 13 are worth 10, but not interfere with the image of the card?


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Just simply write one more function to get the actual value. For example

- (int)actualValue  {
    int actualValue = self.value;
    if (actualValue > 10)  {
       actualValue = 10;
    return actualValue;

So you use this function to check the value

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