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I get a date from database e.g 2012-1-1, but I only want to get 1-1 What can i do ?

$dt=GetFromDB($id); //return 2012-01-01;
$dt=new DateTime('m:d',$dt) ; // I only need 01-01

Thank you for any help.

Oh sorry I did this


$date=new DateTime($dt);

it works :-D

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check this it will help you... stackoverflow.com/questions/2935110/… –  shobi Mar 2 '12 at 4:23
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4 Answers

Do you mean:

$dt = "2012-01-01";
echo date("m-d", strtotime($dt));

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try this

$dt = "2012-01-01";
$query=mysql_query("select date_format($dt,'%d-%m')");
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directly use DAY() MONTH() and YEAR() function of the mysql in query no need to put any script logic.. you can do by script, but mysql function id easiest way....


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You can do in query itself. use mysql string function right()

Like below :

select right(datefield,5) as monthday from table where... []....

OR use day(), month() functions of mysql for getting corresponding values.

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