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Consider this Method in a DatabaseHelper class:

public Cursor getRules()
    SQLiteDatabase db=this.getReadableDatabase();
    Cursor cur=db.rawQuery("SELECT * from Rules",new String [] {}); 
    Log.d("Cursor Size", "" + cur.getCount());
    return cur;

It returns a Cursor and on the activity, I consume it like

    Cursor ruleCursor=DatabaseHelper.getInstance(this).getRules();

(I am not moving the entire cursor handling inside the DatabaseHelper class and return just a list of Objects instead of cursor), the problem is that if I don't Log.d in getRules(), entire program fails. i get an "Invalid Statement in fillWindow()" error, and SQLite doesn't return any row on a "Select" statement.

Just adding a Log.d for cursor.getCount() solves everything. Also, to mention, this thing was working fine till yesterday and is behaving like this from the last evening.

Am I missing something? Is this behavior expected?

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Try using this

//Stop worrying about the DatabaseHelper here.

public Cursor getAllRows() {
    Cursor c=getReadableDatabase().rawQuery("select * from RULES", null);
    return c;

//and where ever you use the Cursor(or "Consume" your cursor) just.


Hope it helps you!!

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