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I have some doubts regarding android market developer console ,if anybody could help me on this it will be greatly appreciated.

  1. I have published my first free app into the market before some days.I have selected all countries from the publishing option. Now my customer wants that it should be visible only for Australia. I have deselect all countries and select only Australia and save that.but my app is still visible in android market for India and Germany.I haven't do any changes in the apk file so i have not touch the Unpublish button.Is this a right way to make app country specific ?

  2. How may times i can change the product details ? Is there any restrictions for that..?

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  1. I believe it takes a rather long time until these changes are made visible on the market (1-2 days). How long has it passed?

  2. There is no restriction as far as I know

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