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Have a loop to show markers with events on Openstreemaps for example:

for (var i = 1; i <= length; i++) {

    instance.markers[provider][index]['marker'] = new OpenLayers.Layer.Markers("Markers");
    instance.markers[provider][index]['icon'] = new OpenLayers.Icon(coord_data.img_icon, new OpenLayers.Size(17,17));
    var mark = new OpenLayers.Marker(center, instance.markers[provider][index]['icon']);
    mark.events.register('click', mark, function(evt){

Events in this code is not working.

Next event.register works but on whole markers inside layer:

instance.map_instance[divBlock].map.events.register('click', instance.markers[provider][index]['marker'], function(evt){

How can i add event personally to each marker in this loop ?

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for that you have to bind your data coord_data.file with each Marker Object.

for that you can use any marker Attribute Like.. id,title...


var mark = new OpenLayers.Marker(center, instance.markers[provider][index]['icon']);
mark.title = coord_data.file;
mark.events.register('click', mark, function(evt){

hope this'll work.

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