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i am new to Apache SOLR..n i am learning how to create documents in SOLR..

My scenario : In my RDBMS database, i have the following scenario :

A "cars" table "jc_cars" : id, name, extra

An "attributes" table "jc_attributes" : id, attributeName

A Many-to_many table between Attribute and Cars : "jc_car_attributes" : carID, attributeID , value

An "article" table : jc_articles : id, title, description

A Many-to-many table between Article and Cars : "jc_car_articles" : articleID, carID

Now what I want is :

  • Searching All the Cars with their Attributes (like Price)
  • Searching All the Articles related to this Car

Actually I want results when i make the following the query :

  • Cars with price less than 400000 : Should give Car Details and related Articles
  • Hyundai Accent : Should give Car Details and related Articles
  • and So on.....

So how should i create the Corresponding document and Schema.xml..??

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Solr has a flat index, so you can't really have a list of relations with multiple values (e.g. a relation with both a name and a value, like your attributes).

For the articles, you can provide the IDs of related articles in a multi-valued field, then do a separate lookup for these either (a) in your database (b) in another solr core.

For the attributes, if you have a fixed list of attributes you can join these to cars and read each attribute into its own field. If you do not have a fixed list of attributes, you'll also have to resort to a separate core, doing essentially the reverse of what you would do for articles; do a lookup in the attributes core then lookup the specific cars from your cars core.

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thanx for the answer..but since i am new to i dint understand your answer much...When u said another Solr core..did u mean another "request handler"..?? – Ramandeep Singh Mar 2 '12 at 9:48
Solr cores are separate indexes for documents which do not have the same structure. In your example: cars and attributes and articles. – beerbajay Mar 2 '12 at 10:58

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