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I need to synchronize my c:\Source\MyProject\Trunk workspace folder with tfs using the team foundation server power tools command tfpt scorch. I want the scorch command to skip the folder c:\Source\Myproject\Trunk\\.git, all its children and the file c:\Source\Myproject\Trunk\\.gitignore.

How do I specify the "filespec" for the /excludes command line parameter?

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I would (obviously) want to test this, but a filespec (or itemspec) in TFS speak is the local or server path to a file/folder. Therefore you should be able to pass /excludes:c:\Source\Myproject\Trunk.git and I would expect it to be excluded recursively. Additionally, as I understand itemspecs I would have thought if you did /excludes:*.git that would exclude any files or folders with the .git extension.

That said, I've never used the scorch command so it would be worth making a backup of the Trunk.git folder before you run this command though in-case my guess is incorrect...

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Here is what worked for me /exclude:*.git* this excludes both the .gitignore file and the .git folder and its children. –  Ahmed Chaudhary Jun 8 '09 at 22:11

Just as a complement to Martin's answer:

tfpt scorch will make sure your workspace is identical to the repository. It doesn't really matter what folder you are in now. tfpt scorch will always start from the root of the current workspace.

If you want to include only a particular folder inside the workspace:

tfpt scorch c:\my\foo\directory

If you want to include just a particular file type:

tfpt scorch *.cs

If you want to exclude a particular folder

tfpt scorch /excludes:c:\my\foo\directory

If you want to exclude a particular file type:

tfpt scorch /excludes:*.cs

You can combine multiple directories and filetypes separating filespecs by space.

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