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Does anybody now, if (and possibly where) can one set behavior of ToggleComment action in NetBeans? I'm using NB 7.1 with C/C++ plugin and want to achieve, that a block of lines is commented as a couple of single line comments. Concretely uncommented line 1 uncomented line2 I want it to comment (when pressed CTRL+slash) like // commented line 1 // commented line 2 now I get /* commented line 1 commented line 2 */ but only in .c files, in .cpp or .java it works as I want. Thank for hints in advance!

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I'm using NB 7.2 at the moment you can change this here:

Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Formatting -> Language: C -> Toggle Block Comment (Other)

if this is selected, NB will use a /* ... */ block comment, else a single line //

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