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I'm just curious how I get Windows to use the high quality cursor when dragging and dropping in my WPF application. What I mean by high quality is:

High quality cursor.

Rather than the regular arrow with a rectangle. I tried using e.Effect but that didn't do anything... Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just how it is in WPF.

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you can't use the cursor to do this, cursors are MOUSE POINTERS.

want you are looking for are Adorners

here is the doc on this subject:


and here is a very complete tuto on how to use drag & drop in WPF:


Edit: just to be precise: to achieve exactly what is shown on your image, you would in this case need an Adorner that follows the mouse + a blank cursor: this.Cursor = Cursors.None;

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Thanks for the articles! Sorry I forgot to mention that the I didn't actually want cursor to be missing, it just was removed from the image because of PrintScreen. –  ecnepsnai Mar 3 '12 at 1:45

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