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I have two divs as follows and I want to change the class name of span s1 from div top2. But the following code is not working. How can I do that?

$('#top1 #s1 span.myclass-old').toggleClass('myclass-new');

<div id="top1">
   <span id="s1" class="myclass">a</span>
   <span id="s2" class="myclass">b</span>

<div id="top2">
   <span id="s1" class="myclass-old">a</span>
   <span id="s2" class="myclass">b</span>
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You have multiple ids that are the same. Make sure you understand how the id attribute works, as that is causing your error. – Blender Mar 2 '12 at 7:46
Yes its happening because of repetition of same id – Amit Soni Mar 2 '12 at 7:50
No, what you are doing wrong is, it is looking for a span.myclass-old inside #s1 (because there is a space between those two in your code). This should be changed to span#s1.myclass-old. Also note that you CANNOT use the same id more than once in a single web page. – blackpla9ue Mar 2 '12 at 7:55
In fact there is one s1. But the div is draggable and I change the place of span. So I have to specify which div belongs to. – user1077300 Mar 2 '12 at 8:03
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If you wanna change your class from 'class-old' to 'class-new' try this code:

$('#top1 #s1.myclass-old').removeClass('myclass-old').addClass('myclass-new');
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('#top1 > #s1').toggleClass('myclass-new');

child selector

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Your selector $('#top1 #s1 span.myclass-old').toggleClass('myclass-new'); will search for a span with id 's1' and then will search for ts children span with the class "myclass-old". In this case you have multiple same id's so you should use the following selector

$('#top2 span.myclass-old').toggleClass('myclass-new'); or $('#top1 span.myclass-old').toggleClass('myclass-new');

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Use this $('#top1 #s1').attr('class', 'myclass-new');​​

Using toggleClass would only result in adding/removing myclass-new to your span while having the existing myclass.

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Your selector is wrong, try

$('#top1 #s1.myclass-old').toggleClass('myclass-new');

I suggest you change the ID of spans, as ID are used to be unique in the document, you might end up with messy code

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