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I have a property in my controller that I would like to test:

public List<SelectOption> exampleProperty {
    get {
        //Do something;

I am not sure how to cover this code in my test class. Any ideas?

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There is direct way, just invoke the property from test method

List<SelectOption> temp = obj.method;
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You may need to directly test your properties, especially if you use lazy initialization - a smart pattern for making code efficient and readable.

Here's a list example of this pattern:

Integer[] lotteryNumbers {
    get {
        if (lotteryNumbers == null) {
            lotteryNumbers = new Integer[]{};
        return lotteryNumbers;

If you wanted full coverage of the pattern (which may be a good idea while you're getting used to it), you would need to do something like the following:

static testMethod void lotteryNumberFactoryText() {
    // test the null case
    System.assert(lotteryNumbers.size() == 0);

    Integer[] luckyNumbers = new Integer[]{33,8};

    // test the not null case
    System.assert(lotteryNumbers == luckyNumbers);
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First off, do you really want to have an attribute named "method"? Seems a helluva confusing. Anyway, to cover the code, just call


But code coverage should be a side effect of writing good tests - not the goal. You should think about what the code is supposed to do, and write tests to check (i.e. assert) that it is working.

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that's very optimistic :) Thats how I started as well, then when every single deployment starts taking 10 minutes to run all "proper" tests you start changing the strategy and start gunning for the necessary coverage :) –  mmix Mar 2 '12 at 10:49
ha ha.. thats true... Some of the consultants i work for are insistent on getting the max coverage.. Regarding the name as method was an oversight..when i keyed in the code –  Prady Mar 2 '12 at 14:26

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