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I have been using limestone module and Nodejs to query sphinx index. The limestone is out-dated in my npm so i downloaded from github and it is got connected to the sphinx server successfully. But i am now facing the issue as follows,

When i tried to execute the following code,

 var limestone = require("limestone").SphinxClient(),
    sys = require("sys");

    limestone.connect("", // port. 9312 is standard Sphinx port. also 'host:port' allowed
    function(err) { 
      if (err) {
          sys.puts('Connection error: ' + err);

      sys.puts('Connected, sending query');
          function(err, answer) {

                console.log("Sphinx ERR: "+err);



i got the below error,

Sphinx ERR: Searchd command older than client's version, some options might not workServer issued ERROR: 0bad multi-query count 0 (must be in 1..32 range)

Please help me on this!

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Ok, so I installed sphinxseach on Ubuntu, the version in the repository is 0.9.9. I got a similar error as yours:

Searchd command older than client's version, some options might not workServer issued ERROR: Qclient version is higher than daemon version (client is v.1.24, daemon is v.1.22) undefined

After looking through the issues at limestone's github, I figured it was supposed to work with Sphinx version 2. So I installed 2.0.4 from Sphinx download page (they have Ubuntu packages), and it works! So, if it's possible for you to upgrade, that might be a good idea anyway -- and limestone will probably only ever track the latest release.

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Hi, Finally i have upgraded my sphinx version to 2.0.4 and ran the above file and i got the another error as follows, "Searchd command older than client's version, some options might not work Server issued ERROR:: 0bad multi-query count 0 (must be in 1..32 range)" – Yadheendran Mar 5 '12 at 9:20
Strange - to be 100% clear, limestone master and sphinx 2.0.4 worked for me, with a simple {query: "foo", maxmatches: 1}. – Linus Gustav Larsson Thiel Mar 5 '12 at 13:05
Hi, thanks for your comment. It works for me now after changing the Sphinx.clientCommand value in limestone.js : – Yadheendran Mar 6 '12 at 10:55
Changed values in limestone.js is as follows, "SEARCH" : 0x118, "EXCERPT" : 0x103 – Yadheendran Mar 6 '12 at 11:05

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