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So, im using $.tableDnD.serialize() function, to get the current order of the Table TR-s, and want to post to a php function alongside with another variable.

        onDragClass: "drag",
        onDrop: function(table, row) {
            $.post('<?php echo HTML_ROOT; ?>/admin/cikkek/updateOrder/', {

                pagesid : "1",
                arr : $.tableDnD.serialize()


If i am sending the serialized data only, there is no problem with the access. According to firebug the sent data:

arr articlestable[]=1&articlestable[]=2&articlestable[]=4&articlestable[]=3
pagesid 1

The main question, how can i get the data in php? I thought:

$pagesid = $_POST["pagesid"];
$orderarr = $_POST["arr"]["articlestable"];

Thanks for help, and sorry for my english.

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I think what you want to do is parse string. I could be wrong.

  $arr = array();
  $str = $_POST['arr'];
  parse_str($str, $arr);

In doing this, you should be able to then access the array as ->

echo $arr[0]; // outputs 1
echo $arr[1]; //outputs 2
echo $arr[2]; //outputs 4

So on and so forth.


I should also note that using this method, you can still access your pageid by using the following:

echo $arr['pagesid'];
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