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I have go throught all the oauth loops, and When I make the call to get the contacts information I only get a 401 error.

this is my code:

//define yahoo consumer key
$yahoo_consumer_key = variable_get('_contact_grabber_yahoo_consumer_key',NULL);
define('YAHOO_CONSUMER_KEY', $yahoo_consumer_key);
//define yahoo consumer_secret
$yahoo_consumer_secret = variable_get('_contact_grabber_yahoo_consumer_secret',NULL);
define('YAHOO_CONSUMER_SECRET', $yahoo_consumer_secret);
//define yahoo callback
$yahoo_callback = variable_get('_contact_grabber_yahoo_callback',NULL);
define('YAHOO_CALLBACK', $yahoo_callback);
//define app id constant
$yahoo_app_id = variable_get('_contact_grabber_yahoo_app_id',NULL);
define('YAHOO_APP_ID', $yahoo_app_id);

$url = 
$url .= 'oauth_consumer_key='.YAHOO_CONSUMER_KEY;
$url .= '&oauth_nonce='.sha1(time() + rand(0,10));
$url .= '&oauth_signature_method=plaintext';
$url .= '&oauth_timestamp='.time();
$url .= '&oauth_token='.$_SESSION['yahoo']['token']['oauth_token'];
$url .= '&oauth_version=1.0';
$url .= '&oauth_signature='.YAHOO_CONSUMER_SECRET;

$result = drupal_http_request($url);


This is the error:

<yahoo:error xml:lang="en-US">
  Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="signature_invalid", realm="yahooapis.com"

I don't find nowhere how to fix this. thanks


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Incase anyone else ever stumbles on this, you cannot use plaintext for the api's, your signature has to be signed using HMAC-SHA1

Few good posts on here regarding how to do this, I would start here: Oauth HMAC-SHA1 authentication to get contacts from Yahoo! Contacts API

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