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I am a newbie of git, I try to understand what is origin and origin/master in git, what does the origin means? where it is? and someone says it is remote branch, what is the remote branch?

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origin is the default name given to the remote repository from which your local repository was cloned. origin/master is the master branch of that repository, which (by default) your local master branch will track.

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See the ProGit book and Working with Remotes. Origin usually refers to the git repository that you cloned from.

git fetch origin
git merge origin/master

to fetch changes from the original repo.

git push origin master

to push from your local master branch to origin (and its master branch). You have to have commit rights to be able to do this.

Github's help is really great as well and describes how to add your own remotes (like an upstream remote after you fork a project).

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