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I use Java API for wordnet searching(JAWS) for accessing wordnet from java . When i got to read a few papers about semantic similarity with java , they expect me to find the distance between two synsets (is a relationship is used in building the hierarchy). There is no specific method to find the distance between words in JAWS .

Please tell me if there exists some method in java that gives the distance between two words


apple -> fruit-> fruits and vegetables (2) 
vegetables -> fruits and vegetables (1)
distance(apple,vegetable) = 3 

Is there a built in method that performs this function ?

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It seems there isn't using only JAWS, but this answer gives a solution.

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Thanks . But it gives the similarity between two words . I just want the distance between the two terms –  CTsiddharth Mar 6 '12 at 11:20
Technically a similarity measure is a distance measure: the smaller the similarity the larger the distance between the two words. If you mean by distance the number of edges to a common root, then you will have to count them. The similarity measure Wu & Palmer (1994) that is available in the linked API does just that: you could check its source code or just use the similarity it gives as a measure of your distance. –  Vladtn Mar 6 '12 at 11:30

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