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I have a requirement where there are 3 tables (Orders, details & users)

    OrderId    OrderDesc    UserId      Timestamp
   ---------   ----------  ---------    ---------------------
      1         Pencils        1          02/08/2011 9:35 pm
      2         Fruits         2          02/08/2011 8:44 am

   Order Id      DetailId    DetailDesc      UserId   Timestamp
   ----------   -----------   ----------  ----------   -----------------
      1            1           HB-1            2         04/09/2012  5:00 pm
      1            2           HB-2            2         04/09/2012  5:00 pm
    UserId       UserName
   --------     ---------
      1           john
      2           james
  1. I want a user to enter details only for an order which has been entered into system,avoiding duplicates (I am thinking about converting an existing order to a detail in design view)
  2. I want the user entering the orders 'john' to know about any details that may have been entered for a specific order he innitiated without introducing a field in my orders table or joining orders & details together

Thanks for any help, Damien.

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  1. To enter details for any orders that have been entered, you only allow the user to select orders that already exist either using drop downs or a checkbox

  2. Your order details are already linked to the order by the Order Id field.

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Thanks for your reply. That is what I plan to do however how do I track whether any details have been entered for a order. Do I have to add a column to the Orders table ? –  Zo Has Mar 2 '12 at 11:09
You can add required constraints on OrderDesc, UserId to ensure that when an order is saved, it has all the details. –  ssmusoke Mar 2 '12 at 11:18

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