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My Java applications uses Hibernate with a SessionFactory-scoped interceptor in order to change data before storing in the database.

myConfiguration.setInterceptor(new MyInterceptor());
SessionFactory sf = myConfiguration.buildSessionFactory();

With the release 4.0 of hibernate they changed the concept of using the class Configuration.

So my new approach is:

final ServiceRegistryBuilder srb = new ServiceRegistryBuilder();
srb.configure(...);                // Hibernate configuration
final ServiceRegistry sr = srb.buildServiceRegistry();
final MetadataSources mds = new MetadataSources(sr);
mds.add...();                      // All the meta data configurations
final Metadata md = mds.buildMetadata();
SessionFactory sf = md.buildSessionFactory();

I have not found a point where to set the interceptor with this new approach. Any recommendations on how to set a SessionFactory-scoped interceptor?

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What about:

final Metadata md = mds.buildMetadata();
SessionFactory sf = md.getSessionFactoryBuilder().with(interceptor).buildSessionFactory();
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Yep, this seems to be the solution. Unfortunately, there were no Javadocs in Hibernate documenting this feature. Thank you very much, dimitrijer! –  WLanger Apr 2 '12 at 11:35

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