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I have a UITextView, and when i type in text, the keyboard will eventually hide the text so i can't see it, so i somehow need to move the text "up" while typing. So far, i got to the delegate method textViewDidChange: But still a bit lost?

Can anyone provide me with code snippets or clues to what i'm supposed to do here?

I tried something like

if (textView.text.length > 0.0) {
    NSRange range = NSMakeRange(textView.text.length - 1, 1);
    [textView scrollRangeToVisible:range];

But it doesn't work. It's a snippet i found on the site here, as i am new to working with the UITextView. So a working code snippet, i can then dissemble and work with is the best way for me to learn.

Thanks on advance

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See this post How to make a UITextField move up when keyboard is present This will move upwards your Textfields while typing.

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While this answer was accepted, this question specifically asked about UITextView, not UITextField. –  Will Feb 17 '13 at 3:56
Answer applicable for both UITextField and UITextView. –  rakeshNS Feb 17 '13 at 15:53
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