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I have an arrow flying according throwing motion oblique . I use function : x=(vo.cos(alpha)).t; y=(vo.sin(alpha)).t-g.t.t/2; and I have calculated the tangent angle of the arrow . tag beta =(vo.sin(alpha)-g.t)/(vo.cos(alpha)) and I rotate arrow according (alpha - beta) for arrow move same with natural. This is my function onDarw():

protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {

    Matrix matrix=new Matrix();
    degree= (float) (Math.atan(y1/x1)*180/Math.PI);
    matrix.postRotate( degree,x,y);
    alpha=(float) ((90-degree)*Math.PI/180);
    canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, matrix, null);
        //x=(float) ((-g)*Math.pow(y, 2)/(2*vo*vo*Math.pow(Math.cos(alpha), 2))+Math.tan(alpha)*y/10);
        y=(float) (vo*Math.cos(alpha)*t);
        x=(float) (vo*Math.sin(alpha)*t-(g*t*t)/2);
        beta= (float) ((Math.atan((vo*Math.sin(alpha)-g*t)/vo*Math.cos(alpha)))*Math.PI/180);
        matrix.postRotate((alpha-beta ),y ,x );

k=1 is I want When I implement action_up ,arrow will fly .But it don't successful , the arrow move don't natural. Please help me.

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Please don't spam the site with identical questions. It really isn't helpful. –  RivieraKid Mar 2 '12 at 13:31

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vBasically, you should assume that the arrow is oriented tangentially to the arc of its travel. That means that its angle will be the arctan of the ratio of its x velocity to its y velocity.

So, keep track of the x and y velocity at each time step and compute the new angle based on their values

(It looks like you have x and y switched from traditional nomenclature, btw (y is usually the direction affected by gravity, but perhaps it is a screen coordinate in your case).

yv = v0 * Math.cos(alpha); // yv isn't changing so you can compute it outside
                           // the loop that increments time

xv = v0 * Math.sin(alpha) - g*t

if (yv != 0) {
  beta = (float)Math.atan(xv/yv);
  beta = xv < 0 ? -Math.PI/2 : Math.PI/2
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But ,then you can calculated orbit, how? –  Khiem Khiem Mar 3 '12 at 6:23
But ,then you can calculated orbit, how? –  Khiem Khiem Mar 3 '12 at 6:24

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