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I have in invitation_mailer.rb the next:

class InvitationMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  default :from => "email@email.com"
  def invitation_friends(invitation, user)
   @user = user
   @invitation = invitation
   mail(:bcc => @invitation.recipients.map(&:recipients), :subject => "Subject email")

@invitation.recipients is an array with emails like:


but I get in log the next:

NoMethodError (undefined method `recipients' for "email1@example.com":String):

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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The problem was fixed :D. The fixed is @invitation.recipients.map { |val| p val }. Thank you – hyperrjas Mar 2 '12 at 12:22
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Try @invitations.recipients.join("; ")

You are trying to call :recipients on a String-object in your array, which cannot work.

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I believe this line:


should actually be:


map(&:recipients) means: call #recipients method on each element in the array. You get he error since your array holds strings, and clearly String doesn't have method #recipients :)

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