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I try to create legends for jqPlot but they will just show the max and min values for y slope. Just like 'Max: 16 Min:2', but I can't figure out how. E.g, I tried giving labels as

var labels = [{'Max':16}, {'Min':2}];

But nothing seems to be working. Do you know any quick method or I should create my own special renderer for this? Thanks.

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Can you please give some more information about what do want the legend to look like and what isn't working exactly ? –  Alon_A Mar 5 '12 at 17:21

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ufucuk. I had the same problem and I solved it doing the following:

//first value shown
//last value shown

Note that this will be done only once. Here explains how to sync them

By the way, you also can do the following:

var title=$("#selecting_period").children(".jqplot-title").text();

var coolTitle=
 title+": Showing "+ $("#myGraphId").children(".jqplot-xaxis").
  children(":first").text()+" to "+$("#myGraphId").
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