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In order to better visualize the relationships in a complex database, I'd like to create a graph/chart that shows the tables, and their relationships. Hibernate was used to create the database, and I have access to both the x.cfg.xml file and a Create schema.

Is there a tool that reads in SQL and creates a graph for visual analysis? Are there other means than drawing it by hand?

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If you're just looking for entity-relationship diagramming software that can reverse engineer an existing MYSQL database, give MySQL Workbench a look. The reverse engineering capabilities require the paid version but it's worth it with large databases.

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There is a tool I use sometimes called DbVisualizer which is very helpful for doing exactly what you're looking for. I've used it primarily with PostgreSQL but it's supposed to support most major databases.

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I've actually enjoyed using the table visualizer in Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager. You didn't specify what flavor of SQL you prefer, so I thought I'd mention it in case it might be useful.

For MySQL, I believe MySQL Workbench might be a useful tool.

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If you are looking for a opensoure solution you may also take a look at DBDesigner from

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I've used TOAD to do this in the past, works great with Oracle and SQL Server. All sorts of visualization tools included, and one of the better sql client interfaces.

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