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I have a specific problem. I try to create dynamic html code by javascript function and than put in dojo dialog content. My javascript function is:

function doPushButton(doc, id, action, title, imgRef, text, width, style) {
var tabIndex;
if(arguments.length > 8)
        tabIndex = arguments[8];
    var accessKey;
    if(arguments.length > 9)
        accessKey = arguments[9];
    jt_docWrite('<div class="' + style + '" style="cursor: pointer' + (width > 0 ? ';width:' + width + 'px' : '') + '"', doc);
    if(id != null)
        jt_docWrite(' id="' + id + '"', doc);
    if(tabIndex != null)
        jt_docWrite(' tabindex="' + tabIndex + '"', doc);
    if(accessKey != null)
        jt_docWrite(' accesskey="' + accessKey + '"', doc);
    jt_docWrite(' title="' + title + '" onclick="' + action + '">', doc);
    if(imgRef != null)
        jt_docWriteln('<img class="label_icon right" src="' + imgRef + '"/>', doc);
    if(text != null)
        jt_docWriteln('<span class="label">' + text + '</span>', doc);
    jt_docWriteln('</div>', doc);

where jt_docWrite and jt_docWriteln are js functions:

function jt_docWrite() {
    if (arguments.length == 1) {

    if (arguments.length == 2) {

And this doPushButton() function Im calling in dojo dialog.create:

require(["dojo/ready", "dojo/parser"], function(ready, parser){
                var dialog = dijit.byId("myDlg");
                dojo.create('div', {
                    innerHTML: "Hello"
                  }, dialog.containerNode);
                  var div = dojo.create('div', {}, dialog.containerNode);
                  dojo.create('div', {

                  innerHTML: doPushButton(document, "yes", "doConfirm()", "", "../image/accept.gif", Res_yes_title, 0, "push_button")

                  }, div);

When I use my doPushButton() function before in my html page like < script > doPushButton(document, "yes", "doConfirm()", "", "../image/accept.gif", Res_yes_title, 0, "push_button") < /script >, its work fine, but now I want to put it in dojo dialog, it doesnt work and the result od this function is "undefine". Can somebody help me what is wrong?? Thanks a lot.


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Your doPushButton method never returns a value. It calls jt_docWriteln, which writes the contained html out to the document. The value for the innerHTML property must be either a Node or a String (which could be HTML), and you are passing it undefined since doPushButton doesn't return anything.

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