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I would like to ask how can I live stream audio online? I know I need to install something like shoutcast server, then what how can I stream the audio from my mic on my computer to the server? As far as I know I need a VPS server to be able to install a shoutcast server, is that true?

Now, just to be sure is there a difference between the terms "streaming" and "playing" audio for non-live audio files?

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You can use ShoutCast and a resource to supply data to it (such as winamp). You need a server which is running the shoutcast server, and a client which connects to the server and acts as an audio source. Winamp can be your client, and it is capable of connecting to shoutcast server, having various options to stream such as playing playlist of tracks, or using any other audio source (Stereo Mix / Microphone).

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