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Recently I discovered that a lot of websites I built were infected with malware.

The first thing I did was download all the contents of the websites to my local PC, and provided a scan with Windows Security Essentials on it. WSE discovered a trojan on the index.php of a few (4/15) websites. After repairing the indexes I uploaded all the contents to my web server, and the problem was solved.

But not for long.. A month later the problem came back. In the meantime I purchased an new laptop, with a clean Windows 7 installation. I did the same trick I did earlier (the first time I discovered the malware), and it resulted also in finding a couple of trojans. After repairing and uploading the problems were solved.

But also this time the problems keep returning, and I don't know what to do anymore. Does anybody have experience with such problems?

A list of sites infected with the malware:

  • maurijnpach.nl
  • banket-ritmeester.nl
  • mtbmuseum.nl
  • dekipspecialist.nl

The only thing I am thinking about is that all the websites are hosted on one the same hosting provider: Webreus

Does anybody have any suggestions, or better, a solution for me?

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Maybe your host is leaked or "something". You said nothing about your sites. Maybe just bad/open for malware code. Are you using some cms? Check files/folders permissions and change passwords for ftp/MySql. And tell more about your sites structure.

For me it looking like a server intrusion. Talk with your host and change password for better ones.

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