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We're running the following php code:

function downloadwebsite($url, $nobody=false) {

$ch = curl_init();

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, true);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_NOBODY, $nobody);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, $nobody);

$content = curl_exec($ch);  

return $content;

$website = downloadwebsite("", true);
echo nl2br($website);

At one line in the response it says: "Cneonction: close". Why is it misspelled? Is it on purpose?

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Please see my answer. – Carlos Mar 2 '12 at 12:39

According to this StackOverflow thread, it's done on purpose for load balancers. It's done to help with keepalives, it seems.

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