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I've inherited a Wix project. I don't know how it was compiled before, all I have are the source .wxs and .wxi files. I'm using candle and light from the command line to compile and link.

So far, I can candle my wxs files to wixobj files without error, however when I try and run light, I get a lot of errors similar to:

C:\wix\FeatureTree.wxs(39) : error LGHT0094 : Unresolved reference 
                                              to symbol 'Dialog:ErrorDlg' in 
                                              section 'Fragment:'.

I've done some reading, and it seems that the line that's causing this error:

<DialogRef Id="ErrorDlg" />

I've got the following line at the top of the Fragment:

<UIRef Id="WixUI_Common" />

Is just trying to import a built-in Wix error dialog. Why is it failing?

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I was missing the library from the light command, which needs to be specified with -ext:

light -ext WixUIExtension *.wixobj -o installer.msi
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